Active Artists Agency

Active Artists Agency (AAA) is the leading agency for live entertainment artists and venues.

AAA’s extensive experience and network of the live entertainment industry allows it to host, organise and deliver events and partner artists up with venues.

Billy joined AAA as their General Counsel in 2020. Billy works with venues and artists to negotiate terms and advise the management team on strategy and future projects from both a commercial and legal perspective.


GEEIQ is a leading esports consultancy, working with some of the world’s biggest brands to identify and optimise partnerships within gaming.

Billy has worked with GEEIQ since 2018, and formally joined them as General Counsel in October 2021.

Billy works closely with the management team to handle all internal and external legal matters, including as part of the team that negotiates the various agreements with clients and partners.

Gentleman's Journal

Gentleman’s Journal is a media company set up in 2012.

The business encompasses a men’s lifestyle magazine (print and online), an e-commerce platform, a content creation agency and a talent management business.

Billy has been a shareholder in the company since 2017. Since then, he has acted informally as the company’s legal advisor, and in 2020 agreed to a more formal role as General Counsel.

Billy works closely with its Editor-in-Chief and the team to manage their legal documentation, negotiate contracts, handle any disputes and provide strategic advice to the management team.

M Law

M Law was established in 2003, recognising a better way for its clients. With decades of expertise from various industry specific city firms, its lawyers came together to offer something more personal and effectual.

A full service commercial firm, it has a focus on clients from the worlds of media (digital and traditional), retail, telecoms, entertainment and sport, providing innovative and savvy advice that meets the ever evolving demands of these industries.

Billy joined M Law as counsel in the summer of 2023, handling a wide variety of legal matters for the firm's clients.

Ocean Bottle

After having worked with Ocean Bottle since 2020, Billy was formally appointed General Counsel of this environmentally-friendly focused company in early 2022.

Ocean Bottle is the market leader in reusable water bottles and other similar goods. For every Ocean Bottle bought, the company collects 11.368kg of ocean-bound plastic.

Billy works closely with the management team of Ocean Bottle, handling internal and external legal matters.


Having first worked with Wild in late 2022, Billy reconnected with the company and was appointed General Counsel in early 2024.

Wild’s mission is to do-away with single plastic use in the bathroom. It is a pioneer in the reusable deodorant applicator market and provides high-quality, natural bathroom goods.

Billy works closely with the management team of Wild, handling internal and external legal matters.