Billy has worked in the sports industry since 2017, advising and representing athletes across different sports.

Athletes do not always receive independent, transparent advice. Nor do they always have a professional representative to handle correspondence and negotiations with their partners.

Addressing this need, Billy works closely with a select list of clients to protect and advance their immediate and longer-term interests, building relationships that go beyond the immediate work. He brings across his legal background and skillset, putting emphasis on transparency and having the clients’ best interests at heart.

His other roles, including as a lawyer and advisor to AAA, GEEIQ, Gentleman’s Journal and Ocean Bottle, complement the all-round service he provides to his clients. It means that he not only has valuable experience and an impressive network across sport, and especially in football, but also with brands, various professional services and the press.

Gucci Gaming Academy

The Gucci Gaming Academy launched in May 2022; A collaboration between Gucci and FACEIT in supporting a select list of the most exciting rising stars in esports as they make the transition into the professional game.

Billy joined the Academy as part of the 'founding faculty', to provide guidance on contractual matters and regulation, helping those enrolled to understand the contracts they will likely encounter and familiarise them with typical terms.


Having long-established, close working relationships with many of the world’s luxury brands and talent, it was a natural step for Gentleman’s Journal to start arranging partnerships between the two.

GInfluence is a division of Gentleman’s Journal, where it works with its favourite brands and talent, partnering them up, creating cutting-edge media and handling the full process.

Billy helps manage GInfluence, the relationships with talent and brands and the overall internal communication within Gentleman’s Journal.


  • In a world of unscrupulous football agents keen to exploit young footballers and their parents, Billy demonstrated to me that he is different from the rest. As a lawyer with an extensive legal experience, Billy is keen to guide, educate and direct on all football-related matters that will make you feel assured as a parent and footballer. His knowledge and expertise around contracts and the business side of football is immense and he is available to support and advise at any time.

    Edward Kanu, father of Daniel Kanu, Charlton FC

  • Billy has always been really helpful, professional, clear and thorough with all his advice and support. I would highly recommend him.

    Heidi Dobson-Ventura, mother of Tommy Dobson-Ventura, Southampton FC

  • I have known Billy for a few years now and received his advice on numerous matters. It has been utterly invaluable. He has proven to be honest, trustworthy, diligent, hugely personable, totally reliable and an all-round unfailingly decent person.

    Stewart Castledine, father of Leo Castledine, Chelsea FC

  • I have known Billy for the last four years now and received his advice on numerous matters. It has been helpful to me. He is an honest man, hard working, very respectful, trustworthy and reliable.

    Kastro Zefi, father of Kevin Zefi, Inter Milan FC

  • Billy is an essential part of our small circle of trustworthy and reliable professionals. His advice and guidance are invaluable, and he has offered us considerable time and support in many decisions. Billy ensures he provides the best possible service to his clients, and we are incredibly pleased with his experience and expertise.

    Waseem Gulzar, father of Layth Gulzar, Brighton & Hove FC

  • Billy is great, very patient, and professional. He advised me very well and helped me achieve exactly what I wanted.

    Zaza Oriola, father of Nehemiah Oriola, Manchester United

  • Billy was kind enough to glance over a football contract that was causing confusion in the way it was structured. Billy was able to provide a clear and concise explanation of the content and context of the contract that made sense to me, which enabled us to make a solid decision at a very critical time for my son's career.

    Leon Hutchinson, father of Omari Hutchinson, Chelsea FC

  • I would 100% recommended Billy Jenks. Myself and my son were signing a professional football contract and Billy was very professional and scanned through the paperwork. Billy reviews and highlights anything that needs your attention. Billy is very quick to respond and overall, we had a fantastic experience. I always recommend Billy to friends and family and will continue to do so.

    Altin Ferizaj, father of Justin Ferizaj, Shamrock Rovers FC

  • We are so grateful to Billy for advising us. His expert advice was invaluable. He is so knowledgeable, patient, approachable, understanding and quick to respond to us. We will certainly turn to him for trusted advice again and would not hesitate to highly recommend him.

    Sarah Stevens, mother of Archie Stevens, Rangers FC

  • Since meeting Billy, he has always been there for me in good times and bad. He is professional and most importantly honest. He will never know how much he has done for me as a client and as a person.

    Vaughn Covil, Hull City FC