Billy JenksAbout

After being educated in the UK, Billy moved to Switzerland to complete his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Business School of Lausanne.

He returned to London, enrolling at BPP Law School and graduating with a Bachelor of Law degree in 2011. Billy then spent a year in Asia working in law and education, before returning to the UK to begin his career as a lawyer.

While undertaking his legal training contract at a central London law firm, Billy completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Sports Law and Practice, graduating with merit from the British Association for Sport and Law at De Montfort University.

After five years working full-time in the legal profession advising businesses and individuals in various sectors, including sports, Billy joined a football agency to advise players as both a lawyer and football intermediary.

Since 2018, Billy has worked as an independent lawyer and advisor. He takes time to work closely with his clients and believes in building genuine relationships that go beyond the immediate work. His significant experience as an advisor, together with his extensive network in law, football and among brand-owning companies allows him to provide frank and concise advice to his clients.

He splits his time across two roles, each of which is described in more detail at the following links.

Current RolesRoles

Recent WorkWork

New non-exclusive representation agreement for FIFA licenced agent

Following a tumultuous period of change in football regulation, a FIFA licenced agent approached us to prepare a non-exclusive representation agreement for his clients.

This is unusual in the industry with most football agents engaging clients on an exclusive basis.

Billy worked with the agent to clearly set out terms to ensure the non-exclusive relationship is made clear while including other key terms, not least those required by The FA and FIFA.

Wolfpad agrees structure to bring about leading experience on Roblox

Brands are increasingly focusing on the metaverse to market their goods and services. This includes countries and the experiences they can offer in real life as well as in the metaverse.

Wolfpad, a strategic advisor to metaverse integration, will be working with the cultural office of a thriving country to bring about a pioneering experience in Roblox.

Billy worked with Wolfpad to advise and negotiate the terms with its client. Following which, Billy negotiated the various contracts with Wolfpad’s subcontractors to ensure the client was properly protected and obligations, ownership and liabilities were suitably positioned.

Freak Scene opens its second restaurant in Balham, London

Having opened his first The Freak Scene restaurant in Parsons Green, London, in March 2023, Scott Hallsworth will open his second in January 2024.

Scott is the ex-Head Chef of Nobu and founded Kurobuta in 2018. The Freak Scene is his latest project bringing a fine selection of pan-Asian cuisine with a vibe of a “buzzing amalgam of suburban 'chic' and low-key slacker cool”, as TimeOut reports.

Billy worked with Scott in preparing and negotiating the lease for The Freak Scene’s second restaurant in Balham.

Leo Castledine signs new professional contract with Chelsea FC

Having signed his first professional contract shortly after his 17th birthday, Chelsea were keen to tie-up Leo to an extended professional contract.

While Leo’s agent led negotiations, Billy reviewed and discussed the terms with Leo and his family, acting as counsel.

Round 2 of Gucci Gaming Academy

Having launched in May 2022, the Gucci Gaming Academy returned for its second year.

The academy is a collaboration between Gucci and FACEIT in supporting a select list of the most exciting rising stars in esports as they make the transition into the professional game.

Billy joined the academy as part of the 'founding faculty', to provide guidance on contractual matters and regulation, helping those enrolled to understand the contracts they will likely encounter and familiarise them with typical terms. He worked with the second year’s intake in the same role.

Company agrees to buyback shares from minority shareholder

When a client wants to buy the other shareholder(s) out of the company, there are a number of ways this can be done. In this instance, it was decided that it would be best for the company to buy the shares from the only other shareholder.

Billy advised the client how best to move forward, discussed possible outcomes and agreed on a strategy to negotiate.

Once the parties had settled on commercial terms, Billy prepared the Share Purchase Agreement to reflect the agreed position. Following several rounds of negotiation with the other side’s lawyers, Billy prepared the Board Minutes, Written Resolution and various other ancillary documents to complete the buyback.

Leon Chiwome signs with Nike

With several options on the table, and after considering each with his agent, Humphrey Aghoghovbia Jr, Leon signed with Nike.

Billy advised on image rights and worked with Humphrey to review, advise and assist with the structure of the player’s multiyear Nike contract.

Spike Brits signs for Man City

Having met in early 2023, Billy worked with Spike and his family to provide guidance. In particular with regard to his agreements with his agent and his transfer to Man City in the summer.

Billy discussed the matters with Spike and his family, advising them as counsel to the various contracts.

Ocean Bottle team up with Disney for The Little Mermaid

To celebrate the launch of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ocean Bottle has created a limited-edition One World, One Ocean bottle.

Billy advised the Ocean Bottle team during the lengthy negotiations over the various aspects of the commercial arrangement.

Caggie Dunlop’s John Lewis Partnership

Billy advised Caggie on her partnership with John Lewis. Reviewing the terms, Billy worked with Caggie to negotiate the agreement.

After several rounds of correspondence, terms were finalised and the partnership promptly announced.

Ocean Bottle’s Choose Love Partnership

The Choose Love Ocean Bottle was created to raise funds for the Türkiye and Syria earthquake appeal, with 25% of all revenue from this bottle going directly to the Choose Love emergency earthquake campaign.

Billy worked with Ocean Bottle to review and negotiate the partnership agreement, ensuring the various commercial terms and obligations of each party were clearly set out.

Publishing Agreement for Caggie Dunlop’s Saturn Returns

Building on from the success Caggie has with her podcast, Saturn Returns, she agreed terms with The Orion Publishing Group to release her book.

Billy worked with Caggie by reviewing and providing advice in relation to the publishing agreement, ensuring all terms were understood, her rights were properly protected and royalties were to be fairly distributed and paid.

Leo Castledine signs with Nike

Having been sought after by many of the football boot manufacturers, Leo decided Nike was best to move forward with.

Billy advised Leo and his family on his contract with Nike ahead of him agreeing terms and formally signing.

Ocean Bottle and Red Bull partnership

In October 2021, Ocean Bottle partnered with Red Bull Racing Honda to fund the collection of 7,464,000 plastic bottles in weight by 2022, equivalent to 84,851 kgs.

Billy advised Ocean Bottle on the agreement, how it’s structured and the obligations included within it.

Elton John in the metaverse

Elton John celebrated his retirement from touring by entering Roblox with his ‘Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ concert experience.

To date, it is the most community-led even in Roblox history and has the highest like-ratio of 88% over any other Roblox concert.

GEEIQ was at the centre of putting this partnership together. Billy prepared and helped negotiate the legal agreement and terms on behalf of GEEIQ.

Charles Laurie London’s Manufacturing Agreement with a leading leather-goods brand

Independent craftsmen and designer, Charles Laurie, provisionally agreed terms to supply a leading leather-goods brand with beautifully made bags ahead of Christmas 2022.

Billy worked with Charles to prepare, advise and negotiate the manufacturing agreement, ensuring Charles was properly protected and various conditions were set for the delivery of the bags.

Manors Golf and The R&A partner up

After months of discussions, Manors Golf and the historic R&A have agreed terms to launch a collection of golf clothing.

Billy advised the management team of Manors Golf to negotiate and complete the contract.

Henry Cavill back for another campaign with No1 Botanical

After a successful campaign in 2020, Rosemary Water and Henry Cavill teamed up once again.

As General Counsel to Gentleman’s Journal, which helped produce the content behind this campaign, Billy prepared and managed the various agreements between the parties.

Gucci Gaming Academy

The Gucci Gaming Academy launched in May 2022; A collaboration between Gucci and FACEIT in supporting a select list of the most exciting rising stars in esports as they make the transition into the professional game.

Billy joined the Academy as part of the 'founding faculty', to provide guidance on contractual matters and regulation, helping those enrolled to understand the contracts they will likely encounter and familiarise them with typical terms.

Layth Gulzar Representation Agreement

The highly-rated, young Brighton player sought advice in relation to a representation agreement with an agency.

Billy reviewed the agreement, provided advice to Layth and his family and negotiated various terms on their behalf.

Tommy Dobson-Ventura Representation Agreement

This young Southampton defender sought advice regarding a new representation contract.

Billy reviewed the agreement, providing advice and suggested changes that should be made. Billy negotiated changes with the agent on Tommy’s behalf.

Team Tommy

As part of GEEIQ’s service to Tommy Hilfiger, the company sourced and facilitated agreements with eight leading influencers in the gaming world, which became the first Team Tommy.

Billy, advising and working with the GEEIQ team, negotiated the terms of the agreements with Tommy Hilfiger and the eight talents.

AAA signs with Nobu

AAA continued its expansion of clients among London’s finest and most sought-after restaurants and bars with the signing of Nobu. The agency will provide some of the most exciting musical talents to Nobu.

Billy prepared the agreement, advised AAA and ensured the deal was completed in good time for Nobu's first performance.

Zak Lovelace Representation Agreement

This young Millwall forward, who made his first debut at 15 years old, sought advice regarding a new representation contract.

Billy reviewed the agreement, providing advice and suggested changes that should be made. Billy negotiated changes with the agent on Zak's behalf.

Archie Stevens Representation Agreement

This young AFC Wimbledon forward sought advice regarding a new representation contract.

Billy reviewed the agreement, providing advice and suggested changes that should be made.

Vaughn Covil Representation Agreement

This young Forest Green Rovers forward, who made his debut at 16 years old, sought advice regarding a new representation contract.

Billy reviewed the agreement, providing advice and suggested changes that should be made.

Completion of Cambridge University’s Judge Business School’s Pre-Seed to Exit Programme

To further develop Billy’s knowledge in the world of corporate funding and venture capital, Billy undertook Cambridge University’s Judge Business School’s Pre-Seed to Exit Programme.

The two-month course focused on the various funding rounds from pre-seed to series B to exit, requiring submissions at the end of each week.

Billy successfully completed the programme with with an 88% pass mark.

Immense Talent Group Representation Agreement

Billy prepared a template representation agreement for this Australian-based football agency.

Working with the founder of the agency, Billy advised on the terms and how to structure the agreement to be fair for both the agency and its player clients.

GEEIQ signs up a further Fortune 500 company as a client

After several weeks of negotiations, a leading fashion house and GEEIQ agreed terms whereby the latter will provide its industry expertise to advise the other and its various brands in relation to the gaming industry.

Billy worked with the management team of GEEIQ to review and negotiate several iterations of the agreements and corresponded with the fashion house.

Lunch with parents of leading young footballers

Held at The Surprise in Chelsea, London, Billy hosted a lunch for the parents of 10 of the country’s most promising footballers.

Billy and leading sports accountant, Rhys Linnell, discussed football regulatory, contractual, tax and image rights matters, answering questions and providing informal advice.

Charlton Academy Star Advised on Professional Contract

One of the leading prospects from Charlton’s academy had been offered a professional contract to sign when he turned 17.

Billy advised the player and his family on the terms of the contract and suggested next steps as to how best to move forward.

Arsenal Academy Star Advised on Professional Contract

One of the most exciting young players at Arsenal sought advice relating to a club option included in his professional contract with the club.

Analysing the relevant FA and FIFA regulations, Billy provided advice in relation to the validity of the option clause and discussed how the player could best progress.

Maya Ghazal signs with Sixteenth

Goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR, Maya required advice in relation to a representation contract with Sixteenth talent agency.

Following initial advice, Billy negotiated with Sixteenth regarding a number of points. After several rounds of discussions, the parties had agreed terms and the contract was finalised.

Once complete, Maya commented "the services provided were excellent, from negotiating on my behalf to explaining everything to me, I was very happy with the outcome”.

Jennifer Medhurst signs with Kruger Cowne

Nutritionist and health writer, Jennifer Medhurst came to Billy seeking advice in relation to a representation contract presented by Kruger Cowne talent agency.

After advising Jennifer on the terms, the agreement was promptly negotiated and finalised.

Wimbledon Academy Star Advised on Scholarship Agreement

A leading academy prospect of AFC Wimbledon was advised about entering into his scholarship agreement, what that meant for his future and the options he had.

After several calls and emails, the player and his family were comfortable with signing the agreement.

Kastro Zefi Representation Agreement

The newly-signed Inter Milan footballer, Kevin Zefi sought advice regarding a representation contract he has since entered into.

Billy reviewed and advised Kevin and his family on the terms, explaining various clauses and suggesting amendments that they may wish to make.

Celebration of Speed

The renowned Cafe Mambo hosted the Celebration of Speed one-day festival, featuring artists such as Hannah Wants, Danny Howard, Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago.

Working on behalf of and advising AAA, Billy prepared the agreements between the various parties to ensure that terms were clearly agreed and set out, while protecting the interests of AAA.

Zak Lovelace signs with Puma

Highly rated Millwall and England striker, Zak Lovelace, signs exclusive terms with Puma.

After being approached and offered a contract by Puma, Billy worked with Zak and his family to advise them on the terms. After negotiation, the contract was agreed and finalised with Zak and his family finding comfort from the advice Billy provided.

Horizons Community’s podcast deal with Schroders

Horizons Community recently started their podcast, Rule Breakers. The company agreed terms with Schroders for them to become the exclusive sponsors of the podcast.

Billy prepared the agreement between Horizons and Schroders, ensuring the contract was kept concise, reflected the commercial terms agreed and addressed possible future outcomes.

Chelsea Academy Star Advised on Scholarship Agreement

A leading academy prospect of Chelsea sought advice about the club option in his scholarship agreement.

Billy provided clarity over the terms of the agreement, together with his opinion about the player’s medium-term career strategy.

Brighton Academy Star Advised on Scholarship Agreement

One of the most exciting prospects of Brighton was advised about the offer of a scholarship agreement.

The terms were broken down and explained to the player and his family, following which the scholarship was signed.

Mille Miglia 2021

The Gentleman’s Journal returned to the Mille Miglia 2021, assisting Chopard, the lead sponsor.

Billy worked with Gentleman’s Journal and Chopard to put in place the necessary agreements.

Advising Sam Thompson on Heads of Terms

Leading content producer, Sam Thompson, who made his name on Made In Chelsea, sought legal advice in relation to a potential new business venture.

Billy reviewed the Heads of Terms that were presented to Sam, advising him on points of concern and potential negotiation.

David Gandy works with Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin

Leading male model, David Gandy, agreed terms to promote the hugely successful 47-botanical-infused gin, Monkey 47.

Billy prepared the agreements between the parties. As the terms were negotiated, including the use of David’s image, Billy amended the agreements to reflect the evolving positions.

Advising Melladaze

Rising girl band, Melladaze, were approached by a leading management company for exclusive representation.

Billy reviewed the draft management agreement and advised the band members. Providing his advice in a report, the effect of the terms were explained to Melladaze with Billy also suggesting points that they may wish to negotiate.

Active Artists Agency (AAA) supply agreement with D&D

Coming out of the early 2021 Covid-19 restrictions, AAA and D&D came to a long-term agreement on the supply of artists for D&D’s venues.

D&D’s portfolio is made up of 43 sites across 7 cities, including 100 Wardour Street, Bluebird, Coq d’Argent, Madison and Quaglino’s to name a few.

Billy prepared the agreements to ensure AAA were properly protected, and worked with AAA’s management to negotiate terms before finalising the deal.

Orca Sound Project plastic waste agreements

Orca Sound Project is a leading innovator in the fight to prevent plastic waste from damaging our environment.

The company recently negotiated several deals to receive plastic waste and use it to manufacture their Orca Boards. These boards are growing in popularity and have previously been used to create stages at Glastonbury 2019, at London Fashion Week for Absolut and as deposit bins for Nike and ASOS, among other projects with leading brands.

Billy prepared the agreements for these deals, ensuring the company’s assets, contacts and intellectual property were properly protected.

Reece Cole signs contract with QPR

After a period of trial with QPR, Reece Cole was offered a professional contract with the club.

Billy worked with Oliver Hill, Reece’s agent, to provide a legal opinion on the terms of the contract.

Reece signed a contract with QPR until the end of the 2020/21 season.

Lease signed on The Surprise, Chelsea, London

Billy advised the new operator of this iconic pub in Chelsea, London.

Over the four months of discussion, Billy worked with the operator to lead negotiations with The Cadogan Estate, the owners of the premises.

The lease was signed in mid-February, with The Surprise due to open on 17 May 2021 as a new set of Covid-19 restrictions lift.

Fruity Booty copyright infringement

Leading British lingerie brand, Fruity Booty, discovered that a Chinese manufacturer was copying one of their most successful products and selling it on AliPay.

With the difficulty, cost and time that arises from bringing intellectual property infringement matters in many jurisdictions, a different approach was taken.

Billy advised the management team at Fruity Booty, assisting with communications between the parties to bring about this successful strategy.

Leo Castledine signs with Puma

Leo is a highly-rated young England and Chelsea player. He was offered formal terms to exclusively wear Puma boots.

Billy advised Leo and his father and negotiated the terms of his contract with Puma, including the protection of his intellectual property and image rights.

After two months of discussions, Leo signed with Puma in November 2020.

Mille Miglia 2020

The Gentleman’s Journal played a major role in bringing together the Mille Miglia 2020, often dubbed the most beautiful race in the world. Held in Italy, the event’s principal sponsor was Chopard.

Billy, working for Gentleman’s Journal and with Chopard, reviewed the various agreements put in place for the event, and ensured that agreed terms were properly reflected.

Vaughn Covil signs professional terms with Forest Green Rovers

After impressing during his first season with Forest Green Rovers, making his debut while still 16, Vaughn was offered professional terms by the club.

Billy advised Vaughn and his family, negotiating terms with the club to increase his salary and bonuses.

Vaughn Covil signed his professional contract with Forest Green Rovers the day after turning 17.

Jacob Russell signs with The One Glove

Jacob is a young professional goalkeeper at Crystal Palace.

Billy held discussions with several goalkeeper glove brands in relation to Jacob. The One Glove was chosen, and Billy negotiated the terms of the agreement on behalf of Jacob.

Jacob signed an exclusive contract with The One Glove until the end of the 2020/21 season.

Walter Figueira signs with Derry City FC

Former Chelsea academy player, Walter Figueira, was sought after by many of Ireland’s leading clubs after a successful 2019 spell with Waterford FC.

After discussions with the interested parties, Walter chose Derry City FC who were to compete in the 2020/21 Europa League.

Billy worked with Oliver Hill, Walter's agent, to provide a legal opinion and negotiate the terms of Walter's contract.